Problem using Asterisk for Caller ID Spoofing

Ok guys…I have a problem…I recently read on the web about Caller ID Spoofing. On a webpage there was presented a way to spoof your caller ID using Asterisk installed on a Linux box and a NuFone account. I installed Asterisk on my Fedora Core 4 box and bought a NuFone account (I paid 50$). After all the config as it said on the page…I ran the program…nothing happenned…Asterisk didn’t call me as it should…nothing happenned…i`m from romania…what should I do to make it work ?
P.S. : the tutorial was on … -spoofing/
Thanks in advance.

I checked the page it doenst look like it told you how to setup your connection with nufone see link … ngs+nufone

also the extensions.conf looks like it needs some editing

more here on this … nfig+files

you might also look at this book … +Telephony