PRI drops call mid call

Anywhere from 3 seconds to a minute into the call it drops randomly. One time same person called back three times and was droped three times. Then that extension works fine for days.

At the site having the most trouble we run Asterisk latest CVS-head in SUSE 9.2 box with TE110P and TDM400P with x2 FXS modules installed and PRI with 10 channels and Cisco 7940 phones.

We have reports of this happenning at other sites.

I have checked Asterisk Mailing lists and have come across a good number of people describing the same/similar symptoms. We are trying a couple of suggestions we have found there and will see if that helps.

If you have come across this before and have any help/suggestions that would be appreciated.

disable everything that sounds like fax detection, progress detection, .etc etc…