Pressing any key to go to voicemail

Hi Guys,

I am using thirdlane pbx, and I am currently checking if we can do this,

“for someone to go to voicemail by pressing any number when they are in the call group.”

when a caller reach the huntlist and extensions are ringing, but when the caller press any key it will direct to the voicemail.

Any ideas?

What it is your diaplan , or are you using FreePBX ?


I am using Thirdlane pabx, I am using callgroup via interface using huntlist so the dialplan is automated.

If you are using an auto generated dial plan, you will need to consult the vendor, so they can tell you where to add dial plan customization, usually there is a dedicated file for this

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Even if there is a dedicated file, the ability to customise will be limited compared to raw Asterisk.

Note that neither call group, nor huntlist have any meaning to Asterisk. It may provide building blocks for creating these abstractions, but they are not built in concepts. For their likely meanings there are at least two different approaches to implementing them in Asterisk.

thanks Guys, found out not allowed to Thirdlane. and i make it work on a raw asterisk.