Predictive Dialer - Hangs Up When Call Is Answered

Hello, I setup Goautodial 4 from scratch, everything seems to be working fine except when I make predictive dialing calls, the system hangs up on the call instead of transferring to logged in agent. I’ve done my best research on this and cannot find anything. I am assuming it has something to do with either my extensions.conf or my dial plan.

Dial Plan:

exten => _91.,1,Set(callerid(num)=+1mynumber)
exten => _91.,2,Set(callerid(ani)=my company)
exten => _91.,3,AGI(agi://
exten => _91.,4,Dial(sip/${EXTEN:1}@callcentric,55,o)
exten => _91,5,Hangup

Asterisk CLI output with verbose set at 21:

-- SIP/callcentric-0000015f answered Local/91NUMBERDIALED@default-0000025f;2
    -- Local/91NUMBERDIALED@default-0000025f;1 answered
    -- Executing [138369@default:1] AGI("Local/91NUMBERDIALED@default-0000025f;1", "agi-VDAD_local_optimize.agi,V4030331230000032090") in new stack
    -- Launched AGI Script /usr/share/asterisk/agi-bin/agi-VDAD_local_optimize.agi
  == Manager 'sendcron' logged off from
    -- Channel SIP/callcentric-0000015f joined 'simple_bridge' basic-bridge <4738081b-3633-404d-a499-302df08cb048>
    -- Channel Local/91NUMBERDIALED@default-0000025f;2 joined 'simple_bridge' basic-bridge <4738081b-3633-404d-a499-302df08cb048>
  == Manager 'sendcron' logged on from
    -- Channel SIP/callcentric-0000015f left 'simple_bridge' basic-bridge <4738081b-3633-404d-a499-302df08cb048>
    -- Channel Local/91NUMBERDIALED@default-0000025f;2 left 'simple_bridge' basic-bridge <4738081b-3633-404d-a499-302df08cb048>
    -- Executing [8369@default:1] AGI("SIP/callcentric-0000015f", "agi://") in new stack
  == Spawn extension (default, 91NUMBERDIALED, 4) exited non-zero on 'Local/91NUMBERDIALED@default-0000025f;2'
    -- Executing [h@default:1] AGI("Local/91NUMBERDIALED@default-0000025f;2", "agi:// 200 OK)") in new stack
    -- AGI Script Executing Application: (EXEC) Options: (Set(_CAMPCUST=18989146))
    -- <SIP/callcentric-0000015f>AGI Script agi:// completed, returning 0
    -- Executing [8369@default:2] AMD("SIP/callcentric-0000015f", "2000,2000,1000,5000,120,50,4,256") in new stack
    -- AMD: SIP/callcentric-0000015f (N/A) (N/A) (Fmt: slin)
    -- AMD: initialSilence [2000] greeting [2000] afterGreetingSilence [1000] totalAnalysisTime [5000] minimumWordLength [120] betweenWordsSilence [50] maximumNumberOfWords [4] silenceThreshold [256] maximumWordLength [5000]
    -- AMD: Channel [SIP/callcentric-0000015f]. Changed state to STATE_IN_SILENCE
    -- AMD: Channel [SIP/callcentric-00000160]. ANSWERING MACHINE: silenceDuration:2000 initialSilence:2000
    -- Executing [8369@default:3] AGI("SIP/callcentric-00000160", "VD_amd.agi,8369") in new stack
    -- Launched AGI Script /usr/share/asterisk/agi-bin/VD_amd.agi
    -- <Local/91NUMBERDIALED@default-00000260;1>AGI Script agi:// completed, returning 0
    -- <SIP/callcentric-00000160> Playing 'sip-silence.gsm' (escape_digits=) (sample_offset 0) (language 'en')
    -- <SIP/callcentric-00000160> Playing 'sip-silence.gsm' (escape_digits=) (sample_offset 0) (language 'en')
    -- <SIP/callcentric-00000160>AGI Script VD_amd.agi completed, returning 4
  == Spawn extension (default, 8369, 3) exited non-zero on 'SIP/callcentric-00000160'
    -- Executing [h@default:1] AGI("SIP/callcentric-00000160", "agi:// 200 OK)") in new stack
    -- <SIP/callcentric-00000160>AGI Script agi:// 200 OK) completed, returning 0
Scheduling destruction of SIP dialog '' in 6784 ms (Method: INVITE)
Reliably Transmitting (NAT) to
BYE sip:323ef9cbf6e9db4102e37f63daa1ebea@;transport=udp SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK7b616856;rport
Max-Forwards: 70
From: "V4030331230000032091" <>;tag=as25ac9fb3
To: <>;tag=12vQNF2rK4rFF
CSeq: 104 BYE
User-Agent: Asterisk PBX 13.17.2-vici
Proxy-Authorization: Digest username="1777USER", realm="", algorithm=MD5, uri="", nonce="50129338849f25a58a45a992cb6aec44", response="d473b33059d2e0af99eb6660aa4cb772"
X-Asterisk-HangupCause: Normal Clearing
X-Asterisk-HangupCauseCode: 16
Content-Length: 0

I am not smart enough to understand where this is going wrong, I have entire log files of CLI but do not see any errors. Any help would be appreciated.

OS: Centos 7
Goautodial 4
Me = Noob

Thank you in advance

The call that is failing is to 8369. The dialplan you have provided is for an extension beginning with 91…, so isn’t the dialplan that is failing.

In any case, it is the script VD_amd.agi that is asking for the call to be taken down. and that isn’t part of Asterisk.

Why and where is extension 8369 configured? Its not created in my system, here is part of the [default] in my extensions.conf. I am logging in under extension 100, the only one setup

include => vicidial-auto
include => goautodial-auto

; Local agent alert extensions
exten => _8600XXX*.,1,AGI(agi-VDADfixCXFER.agi)
exten => _8600XXX*.,n,Hangup()
exten => _78600XXX*.,1,AGI(agi-VDADfixCXFER.agi)
exten => _78600XXX*.,n,Hangup()

; Local blind monitoring
exten => _08600XXX,1,Dial(${TRUNKblind}/6${EXTEN:1},55,To)
exten => _08600XXX,n,Hangup()

; playback of recorded prompts
exten => _851XXXXX,1,Answer()
exten => _851XXXXX,n,Playback(${EXTEN})
exten => _851XXXXX,n,Hangup()

; this is used for playing a message to an answering machine forwarded from AMD in VICIDIAL
exten => _6851XXXXX,1,Answer()
exten => _6851XXXXX,n,WaitForSilence(2000,1,90)
exten => _6851XXXXX,n,Playback(sip-silence)
exten => _6851XXXXX,n,Playback(${EXTEN:1})
exten => _6851XXXXX,n,Hangup()
exten => _7851XXXXX,1,WaitForSilence(2000,2) ; AMD got machine.  leave message after recording
exten => _7851XXXXX,n,Playback(${EXTEN:1})
exten => _7851XXXXX,n,AGI(VD_amd_post.agi,${EXTEN:1})
exten => _7851XXXXX,n,Hangup()

; FastAGI for VICIDIAL/astGUIclient call logging

; Example phone extensions
; 100-350 phone extensions now auto-generated, so no need to uncommend them
; extensions for other SIP and IAX call center phones
;   cc100-cc150 SIP Phones
;exten => _1[0-5]X,1,Dial(sip/cc${EXTEN},20,to)
;exten => _1[0-5]X,n,Hangup()
;   cc300-cc350 IAX Phones
;exten => _3[0-5]X,1,Dial(IAX2/cc${EXTEN},20,to)
;exten => _3[0-5]X,n,Hangup()
; extensions if using a T1 channelbank
;exten => _19XX,1,Dial(Zap/${EXTEN:2},30,o)
;exten => _19XX,n,Hangup()
; Extension 4001 rings Zap phone (this example for FXS on Zap port 1)
;exten => 4001,1,Dial(Zap/1,30,o)       ; ring Zap device 1
;exten => 4001,n,Voicemail(u4001)         ; Send to voicemail...
;exten => 4001,n,Hangup()

; # timeout invalid rules
exten => #,1,Playback(invalid)              ; "Thanks for trying the demo"
exten => #,2,Hangup()                     ; Hang them up.
exten => t,1,Goto(#,1)                  ; If they take too long, give up
exten => t,n,Hangup()
exten => i,1,Playback(invalid)          ; "That's not valid, try again"
exten => i,n,Hangup()

Thank you for your help,

Just did a search in my extensions.conf with exenstion 8369 and came up with:

; VICIDIAL_auto_dialer transfer script AMD with Load Balanced:
exten => 8369,1,AGI(agi://
exten => 8369,n,AMD(2000,2000,1000,5000,120,50,4,256)
exten => 8369,n,AGI(VD_amd.agi,${EXTEN})
exten => 8369,n,AGI(agi-VDAD_ALL_outbound.agi,NORMAL-----LB)
exten => 8369,n,Hangup()

I am logged in with extension 100, but how do i make this not fail as long as anyone logged in is a part of the agents group?

You need to ask the people who wrote VD_amd.agi and/or those whose who wrote Vicidial. There appears to be a peer support forum at:

Personally, if you call me with something like this, you will always get an answering machine detection. as all the predictively dialled calls I receive are wither nuisance or scam calls.

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