POST request as json with params

Hi Experts,

will aprreciate your assitance on the following:

we are trying to sent a post request and deliver values as expected.

Currently we do not see any values transfered on the request.
Can you please advise what should be updated on the syntax:

exten => _X.,n,Set(MyRes={SHELL(/usr/bin/curl -X POST -s -m 1 -H 'Content-Type: application/json\; charset=utf-8' --data '12345567:{userID}’ ${URL})})

12345567 - is a constant
userID - is value that the user is entering.

The URL is an https request.

Will appreciate your reply

Does the post request works fine when test it outside Asterisk?
also I will assume you have $ on the function

Thanks for responding - the post request is working.

Can you please advise where do you expect to have the ‘$’?

Forum remove the $, but did you make sure you add it in yor Asterisk conf file

Yes i do have the ‘$’

Don’t know if when adding the Content-Type value might screw up the whole function, have you try to make the post request from an external program like php script and save it to the variable using the sam shell function