Possible to register SIP phone to NATed Asterisk box?

I’d like to move my Asterisk server behind my firewall. In this configuration, I can get Asterisk to call out and to register to a SIP provider. I can not however get SIP phones from outside to register to the Asterisk server.

I assigned the box a real IP, and using proxy-arp I can get SSH and Apache to respond to outside requests to this real IP. I also tried using sip-conntrack-nat on the firewall. All attempts to get outside SIP phones to register however have failed.

I want to move my Asterisk server to a dedicated box, but I want it to be behind the firewall so that I can continue to use my firewall’s QoS. Am I wasting my time getting this to work?

Hi What are the phones behind ?


Hi - most phones are behind the NAT (same subnet as the new Asterisk box) but others (remote office) will register from outside. I think I’ve managed to get it working using port forwarding after much trial and error, however I will not be certain until I get back to the main office on Monday. In the mean time, any advice is more than welcome.

Remember to include your RTP ports in the firewall configuration (most people forget these).