PONG in reply to PING no jitter or loss information

Hello all,

I’m trying to look more deeply into quality or service issues. So to do this with IAX I am looking at the information contained in Pong messages, these are the once that are in reply to Ping messages, so they occur during a phone call.

The pong messages I am seeing always have jitter and loss set to 0. I’m not too concerned about loss but for rr jitter I should be getting some value.

Does anyone have any info on this? Do I have to set it up some special way to get proper jitter values.

I am fairly experienced with SIP/RTP but it is my first time looking at IAX. In wireshark when I analyse an RTP stream I normally see jitter 0.30 msec. So I was expecting a similar value from PONG RR JITTER.

All help is greatly appreciated.


Hello all,

I found my answer. To get these stats you need the following in your trunk config


Then your pings and pongs will contain jitter and packet loss.

would this cause a lot of extra processing power to be used up?

How would voip provided fell about setting this up for me?