Playing sound from other locations

Is it possible to point Asterisk to another place to play a sound file other than the default sounds folder. I am looking to point to the voice message wav files created when making a recorded greeting. The purpose being I want to be able to leave recorded info at different extensions but don’t want people to be able to leave a message. So I was hoping just to pluck out the audio file to play back. I don’t want to move the audio into the sounds folder because I need the mailbox owner to be able to call in at any time to record new info.


That is possible. Just use the full path to the file in the Playback() app.

One example would be:

exten => 100,1,Playback(/home/milksnake12/custom_recording)

This example plays the file /home/milksnake12/custom_recording.wav when user dials extension 100. Take under consideration, that the user that is running Asterisk needs to have access to the file.

But without the .wav, etc., extension!

Yes David, you are right. I edited the upper post.

Thanks guys!