Playback and saydigits in call file

Hi, a very good evening to all of you , i have a very small query regarding 2 application at a time in call file …can anyone guide me or explain how to use both application in sequence like firstly play any file and then saydigits application like "welcome to asterisk world " (voice file) and then pin is “1234” (by saydigits) in call file not from dialplan (allready test done from this).i am using below mention deatils in call file but every time saydigits is playing … please guide me for correct syntax … only one application is playing well but both application is not playing at a time in only .call file ,can we use both or run both application at a time with one call in call file in asterisk ? b’coz i don’t have any experience in this case (call file for more than one application)

************* ********

Channel: DAHDI/r1/0800000956
Context: tescalls
Extension: 1001
Account: 1678
Priority: 1
Callerid: 12546987

You can only execute a single application. You would need to send it into the dialplan instead for multiple.

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