Play Customized Audio during Busy

Hi All,

Currently we are using asterisk 11.7 , we have configured to land calls to users available in users.conf, we have configured 2 users and receving calls. some times when 3 or more people calls they are getting busy tone , instead we require to play an Customized Audio . is there any possoble way to do it

This is our extension conf used
exten => 40021,1,Monitor(wav,/app/Recordings/${STRFTIME(,%Y/%m/%d/TEST-%T)}_${CALLERID(num)},m)
exten => 40021,2,Dial(SIP/8005)


If Dial fails, the next priority in the dialplan will be run. This could treat all failures the same or could examine DIALSTATUS, HANGUPCAUSE, or technology specific clearing causeā€¦ That can be done by conventional comparison logic or by creating an extension name based on the code.

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