Play caller a radio stream with asterisk

Hello everyone,
I using asterisk with php scripts that use php-agi.
What I need to do is to play the caller a radio stream, the stream is coming from dynamic url (It can be changed by the owner of the line).
I try MOH (not so good).
I try to use MP3Player $agi-exec("MP3Player", $streamUrl); but I get this error “sh: 1: MP3Player: not found”

I use asterisk 1.6

Did any one have a solution for this problem?

Do you mean Asterisk 16 ?

You’ll need to compile apps/app_mp3.c to get MP3Player application.

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Yes I mean Asterisk 16 (wrong place of the dot).
How do I compile this app_mp3.c?


Install Asterisk from source, including make menuconfig. Resolve any missing dependencies to allow app_mp3 to be enabled in make menufonfig.

If the current system is not a default build, you will need the configuration file used when it was built, to ensure you don’t lose any features that you might need.

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Thank you very much.

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