Play an audio file at a certain time

hi im new to asterisk here but i’d like to know if its possible to have a system that allows users to listen to an audio file simeltaniously. im running a little event that i would like people to be able to listen in to via phone

specifically id like people to dial in to an audio track that starts at x o’clock. users dial a number at time x and get to hear the audio track. in this instance it is a the soundtrack to a puppet show that will be going on in a shop window. but i may like to do other things with it later.

what would i need to do to get a system like this off the ground?
thanks in advance

Maybe you can make a script that will executed by cron with your parameters, in the script you can use the command SipAddHeader() to send the header for all phones answer and then playback() your audio file.

You can see more about SipAddheader here


Basicly you want to set up a conference room that has the audio being played into it, We use this with app_conference to stream “speeches”

This way you just publish the time and number and people dial into the relvent room and listen, Make sure they all join muted