Play a sound on callee side

Hi everyone!
I have an IP Phone(extension number 200) in a noisy building. I set a sip speaker (same extension number, 200 or new one, 201 ) on the roof and want to play a sound from the speaker while phone is ringing.
by default sip speakers use for paging and answer the channel automatically.
Is there any way that I do it with dial plan?
thanks all

You can probably do it for a fixed period, assuming you can configure to auto-answer, by using originate. Doing it only until answer or abandon may be more difficult, but can probably be done, with the use of global variables, to store the channel number, an answer subroutine on the main phone, and code after the Dial, to force a hangup.

yes, it is ok to play a sound for 10 seconds from speaker. or it could ring( play the sound ) until the main ip phone answers.

exten => 200,1,answer()
exten => 200,n,goto(from-internal-additional,200,1)
exten => 201,n,dial ((${DSTRING},A(something.wav)

My voip server is Issabel, and I want to use this code for the above purpose. anything I missed???

Issabel support isn’t provided here.

You need to define a context called from-interrnal-additional and populate it with extension 200, priority 1, or something that matches that.

You need to provide a transfer of control to extension 200, priority 3, in the current context.

You need to set DSTRING.

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