PJSIP Transport UDP Port


I am trying to open my Asterisk server to the internet but in a secure way.

So I made a NAT rule in my router which redirects port 4970 to port 5060 of my asterisk server

I created a different transport for the endpoints that need to connect from the internet

type = transport
protocol = udp
bind =
external_signaling_address = 82.212.XX.XX

I don’t have any sounds on the other hand. The machine’s firewall is cut and the network firewall does not drop any packets

I tried to NAT port 5060 directly from the internet, I had no sound problem.


With that configuration, you want 4970 forwarded to 4970.

If its possible, yes

If not, what should I do?

Try with the following parameters on the endpoint section

rewrite_contact=yes ; necessary if endpoint does not know/register public ip:port

On the transport section add
local_net= ( replace it by your localnet).

For the endpoint (it was already configured like this during my first tests) :

And i add the Local_net but nothing change

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