Does asterisk support other subscription like the event packet: conference.

Well I have seen there is a support for presence and message-summary subscription.
For this subscriptions it is necessary to configure a “hint” priority.
And everything runs out of the box.

I require a subscription for the event packet conference according to RFC 4579.

I think it is possible to send the NOTIFY messages via AMI Action PJSIPNotify.

But I have no idea how to handle the subscription!
Has somebody a solution or an idea to handle the SUBCRIBE message.

A handler has to be written for each type and in this case one has not been written for “conference”. It is therefore unsupported.

Thank you for the information!

I have one question to your answer.

Are the handlers part of the asterisk source code?
If yes, I can not configure anything!

They are part of the source code, they are modules loaded when Asterisk starts and most don’t require explicit module configuration for themselves.