PJSIP: FQDN in transport will only resolved once at restart

Hello everybody,

I am using Asterisk 15.3.0 with PJSIP 2.7.1 on an WAN with dynamic external IP. The external_media_address and external_signaling_address in pjsip.conf/transport are configured with an fqdn which points via an ddns-Server to the actuell ext. ip of the WAN-Connection.
If the ext IP changes and the ip for the ddns entry is renewed, pjsip uses futhermore the old/expired ip-adress which causes to be not really registered to the sip-provider.
I guess the problem is that pjsip resolves the fqdn only once at start time.

Is it possible to resolve the fqdn everytime a external registration is done?

Or is there an other solution for that problem?


The dnsmgr functionality[1] can be used to resolve the hostnames at a regular interval.

[1] https://blogs.asterisk.org/2018/01/10/pjsip-dns-manager-dnsmgr-full-dynamic-hostname-support-coming-soon/

The problem is that the ISP isn’t reserving the address, or is deliberately changing it to discourage you from running servers. This is really a service provider problem.

Thank you for your quick hint. Change are made. So time will show.