PJSIP endpoints with multiple contacts


When you register multiple contacts to a PJSIP endpoint, in the 200 OK, Asterisk is responding with a list of all contacts and their expiration time:

Contact: <sip:42879@ip.address:port>;expires=468
Contact: <sip:39293@ip.address:port>;expires=3599

I am curios as why Asterisk is doing that, why would the endpoint need to know about other contacts?
If this is informational only, is there a way to disable it?


It’s what the RFC says to do, the 200 OK returns all Contacts bound on the AOR. There is no functionality to disable it.

Thank you, Josh!

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To finish this thought in case anyone stumbles upon this in the future, here’s the specific section of the RFC[1].

[1] rfc3261

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