PJSIP and SIPConnect 1.1 issues regarding FROM


If I use PJSIP and connect a SIPConnect 1.1 compliant device, features like CLIP no screening do not work as they need the FROM-Header (which in my case is a username).

Is there anything I can do to make Asterisk / PJSIP accept other FROMs? Most trunks I tested used REGISTER to allow some kind of IP + port based authentication.


The PJSIP channel driver does not currently support dynamic registration based endpoint matching.

Ok, I tried the following settings:


This is noted at:

One of the identifiers is “auth_username” which matches on the username in an Authentication header. This method has some security considerations because an Authentication header is not present on the first message of a dialog when digest authentication is used.

As far as I understand, it should work to register with username but then INVITE using other settings?

If the authentication username matches an endpoint then it SHOULD work. I keep forgetting we added that option.

Yes, we use realtime and keep endpoint, auth and aor the same.
I will try this approach.