PJSIP add in PROGRESS p-early-media

Hi all,

i have setup an Asterisk solution with PJSIP (pjsip 2.10 and asterisk 18.6) and I need to play some audios before 200 OK is sent.
This is achieved via Playback() with noanswer option, which triggers a SIP PROGRESS signaling.
The problem is that the SIP provider needs to include also the p-early-media with sendrecv (right now this header is not included at the PROGRESS).
Can this be configurated somehow at the pjsip configuration file?

Thank you in advance for your time.

There is no support for doing this. You’d have to modify the code itself.

OK, thanks jcolp.
I will try to handle it from the proxy side. I think this is feasible.

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