PJSIP 501 Not Implemented replly to REGISTER

Using Asterisk Ver 18.7.1 with pjsip.
Using either
auth_type = userpass or auth_type = md5 in pjsip.conf
when my Yealink phones try 2nd REGISTER after 401 Unauthorized
with the challenge:

    v: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport=5063;received=;branch=z9hG4bK1751975417
    i: 484307774@
    f: "Fabrice" <sip:Fabrice@sip.escapetravel.pt>;tag=804731842
    t: "Fabrice" <sip:Fabrice@sip.escapetravel.pt>;tag=z9hG4bK1751975417
    CSeq: 1 REGISTER
    WWW-Authenticate: Digest realm="escapetravel.pt",nonce="1635263346/7d75781cb9eca6c4e21ee28225e6d33e",opaque="231411a7237165f8",algorithm=md5,qop="auth"
    Server: ET Asterisk PBX
    l:  0

REGISTER sip:sip.escapetravel.pt SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport;branch=z9hG4bK425602801
From: “Fabrice” sip:Fabrice@sip.escapetravel.pt;tag=804731842
To: “Fabrice” sip:Fabrice@sip.escapetravel.pt
Call-ID: 484307774@
Contact: sip:Fabrice@
Authorization: Digest username=“Fabrice”, realm=“escapetravel.pt”, nonce=“1635263346/7d75781cb9eca6c4e21ee28225e6d33e”, uri=“sip:sip.escapetravel.pt”, response=“ebddb4076215a67a05e6f317adda1b81”, algorithm=MD5, cnonce=“0a4f113b”, opaque=“231411a7237165f8”, qop=auth, nc=00000001
Max-Forwards: 70
User-Agent: Yealink SIP-T20P
Expires: 3600
Content-Length: 0

They receive 501 Not Implemented.

This PJSIP is kind of nightmare. After spending days on seetling just the Asterisk startup now I am stuck.

chan_sip is 1,2,3 ready to go, everything works, on the first.

Looks like PJSIP is … “Complexity bloat” :-((

Be aware of this. If it goes like this and chan_sip out fom future releases a lot of us will go away from Asterisk or just maintain old releases.

Are you selectively loading modules? If so then PJSIP has many modules which implement different functionality. To handle incoming REGISTER requests you need the registrar module, res_pjsip_registrar.

Well you need to show more than just one packet. You need to show the whole thing including the response sent by Asterisk.

Additionally, there are many people out there (including me) that are running Yealink phones with Chan_PJSIP without issues. So this could be a configuration issue on Asterisk or on the phone itself.

Speaking of the phone, you have a T20P which is an EOL phone and hasn’t gotten updates since around/before 2015. True story, around 2016 or so it was found that Yealinks (just Yealinks) had some issues with Chan_PJSIP and it was addressed in firmware updates. These are updates you’re not going to get because your phone is EOL.

Perhaps you should try this with a device that has more current firmware.

Is a pleasure to have a reply from someone who knows.
Bad documentation.
res_pjsip_registrar was not documented or was badly documented as trunk outbound like

I tried doing autoload = yes (whithout chan_sip) in modules.conf hoping find a problem from some missing module but got the same behavior of not implemented ???
Now I did cli module load res_pjsip_registrar and finally did register :-))
#!@% Sucks.
Thank you
Lets see what are the next problems.
Now I receive
WARNING[108944] res_pjsip_pubsub.c: No registered subscribe handler for event as-feature-event
from one T-20P with firmware but no WARNINGs from the other T-20P with firmware :-)) good.

I do subcribe with the T-27G with chan_sip in office, no warnings.
I will to once more google for it. :-((

Yes Yealinks have some other problems, even with chan_sip.
I have T-20P for test and T-27G in office but since I have no PoE switch to power them
in my lab I cannot use them here, I will have to stick with the T-20P for the testings.
The T-27G have a problem they are not able to call a not answered call from history,
they send INVITE to … themselves ??

What physical phones do you recommend?

Thank you very much
Pedro Guedes

I use Yealinks. They work great.

There are dozens.
Wich of them do you use?
May be we will change from the T-27G

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