PHPagi Originate hangs up right away

Not sure if I have this correct but looked over document for AMI and also PHPagi

I have tried these 2 ways:
$asm->originate(‘IAX2/rapidvox/1’.$PhoneUser, ‘s’, ‘test’, ‘1’, NULL, NULL, 30, $Callerid, NULL, NULL, ‘true’);

‘Timeout’ => ‘30’,
‘MaxRetries’ => ‘1’,
‘RetryTime’ => ‘1’,
‘Priority’=> ‘1’,

I can do the originate command in CLI and it works fine. For now I’m just using call files but want to replace with originate.
All I get as a response is Hangup on that channel. I added a failed extension and it hits that everytime. Tried to debug but nothing shows up except for Hangup. Am I missing anything?