Php asterisk

i want to make a webpage which wil call a number and hangup when i want to it like

Click to call

end call

i want to use php how can i use php to do this
i am new to this so please tell me, not how it could be done, i want to know where to start to make such application.



Php is a good tool to do this, use the good phpagi classes,, to interact with Asterisk and build a php web page that send your commands to Asterisk through its AGI interface; to build a click to call application you’ll have to use the Originate command of the Asterisk manager interface.


Marco Bruni

U can use a searching keyword: “AMP” or “astwebmgr” :unamused:

Important: we made a excellent asterisk webpage in recently days, and are updating a major and minor version in our small company