OK - I have created an AGI script in PHP - however, when the dialplan runs through it - I simply get a statement that the script ran and returns 0 with nothing in the PHP script running at all! Anyone have any suggestions? Is AGI and PHP not working - is there something that needs to be installed?

My original Asterisk install was @home 2.1 then updated over time to the current and all other updates.


If you’re using the phpagi project, then there is a config file in /etc/asterisk called phpagi.conf. It doesn’t contain much, but make sure the debug tag is set to true.

This will print a whole bunch of debug stuff to the screen.

If you’re not using phpagi, i’d recommend it. It works very well.


php works fine. If you are using AAH as mentioned, go take a look at some of the AMP AGI scripts (or FreePBX now) as a quick place to grab a template and see what they are doing. (I can’t recall - I know several are perl, but I know as at a minimum that the latest FreePBX changed dialplan.agi to php so you could look at that if nothing else.

In any event - works just fine, I have several php agi scripts.


Thanks! I will look at the FreePBX examples as well as mess around with the debug in the config file - didn’t know it existed.