Persist queue member on pause after asterisk restart

Is it possible to persist the members on pause after asterisk restart.
So the situation is: I pause some of the queue members via Asterisk Manager Interface on specific queues, but after asterisk restart all the pauses are lost. So is it possible to persist that pause even if the asterisk service is restarted

Hey skatervan, could you give some more details of your setup I was under the impression that realtime queues would do this already, are you using realtime or static files for the queues?

If not you would need some form of custom storage and initiation when Asterisk starts up to recover state.


there’s command for queue member

bcs16*CLI> queue pause member
Usage: queue {pause|unpause} member [queue [reason ]]
Pause or unpause a queue member. Not specifying a particular queue
will pause or unpause a member across all queues to which the member

after asterisk restart, you cound use this command

I work on setup with Asterisk 18 and FreePBX, the queues are create via that FreePBX web interface. So I have an application written in PHP where the members in queue are paused via AMI Commands like queue pause. And the problem is that when the Asterisk is restarted all the members loose that pause state. So I wonder, if it is possible to persist that pause on members, after the asterisk restart.

In that case I’m not sure if real time queues are available on FreePBX (might be better to ask those forums). I don’t believe they are so what you are asking is not possible out of the box.

As I said if you were to use only Asterisk with real time queues I think it would work but you would need to test. Otherwise it only leaves you with a custom solution, e.g. as well as calling AMI write a status entry somewhere to recover when started.

thanks a lot

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