Permission Denied 'dialparties.agi'

Hi All

New to the forum, so hello! I’ve been using Asterisk for over a month now and keep having a recurring problem.

I have a ring group set-up, and every now and again Asterisk throws up a error on the ring group causing it to go straight to ‘Destination if no answer’ outcome instead of ringing the available extensions.

The error is this:

To fix this, i run in terminal:

This works a charm, but I need to know why it keeps happening please. I don’t make any changes to the ring group to cause this … so really confused!

Any help is greatly appreciate.

Oh, its Asterisk and FreePBX Framework

You will have to ask this on the FreePBX forum …

It looks to me as though you have a FreePBX problem not an Asterisk one. “ring-groups” are a FreePBX construct and dialparties.agi is either part of FreePBX or something you have supplied.

Note that setting mode 777 is very bad practice. You are unlikely to need more than 755.

The FreePBX forum is at

Thank you for the replies and my bad, I thought it was a asterisk fault.