Permanent redirection

Dear All, I`ve tried to find out appropriate API to perform the permanent redirection from one extension to another. I’m trying to use Java and Asterisk-Java library to integrate web site with the Asterisk server.

As I understood the Manager API allows to perform the real time redirection of the call to another extension, but how can I make Asterisk to perform redirection for all future calls? For example set redirection from extension 11111 to ext. 22222. It can be done on server, editing configuration files, but how to do it remotely?

Any ideas, dudes?

Thanks! :question:

Use some dialplan magic with Asterisk’s built-in database and update that database from the outside (for example through the Manager API).

Could you or someone else please explain, what is “dialplan magic”?

As far I understood, the configurations like I need (constant redirection) are being stored in special .conf file. Asterisk uses also the PostgreSQL database to store logs and stuff and do not contain any information about redirections and how the calls are handeled. Sorry, if I write bullsht, but Im very new to Asterisk and have no experience with it. Ive tried to fing “dialplan magic” in google - but no interesting results found =(

Thanks! =)

No I don’t think of PostgreSQL or some other external database but of Asterisk’s internal DB (see … k+database for details)

regarding forwarding have a look at … forwarding

hope that gets you started


Thanks a lot, Stefan, I`ll dig in these links you provided!