Pattern matching


I’m wonder if I can match a pattern so that both match digits and letters?
When we callout the first call we set a prefix “f” (operator wants it for billing) and when then call out the next call we dont use this prefix, we only call digits in this case. The both calls are after they are established connected to eachother.

so here is how it looks now:

exten => _X.,1,Set(hasdialed=false) …and so on

So the question is it possible to do something like:

exten => _(X-f).,1,Set(hasdialed=false) tried this doesnt work, but i want it to match both X and f is this possible?

Haven’t tested but exten => _.X.,1,Set(hasdialed=false) should work for you.

–Satish Barot

I think, the following should work:

exten => _[0-9f].,1,Set(hasdialed=false)

I tested (0-9f). solution and It worked!

Thank You…