Password policy switch off

Hi All,

I have one Asterisk (Ver. 11.16.0), FreePBX
I use this system just to test and LAN.

How to switch off the strong password policy?
I like use for password some numbers (123456).
But actually the system not allow for this.

Thank you.


What strong password policy. Asterisk has secrets, not passwords, and, to the best of my knowledge, doesn’t strength test them. Maybe this is something to do with FreePBX?

Hi David,

Secret = password

The phone use the secret to autenticate to extension.

Now my system request for secret minimum six digits letters and minimum two numbers.

I want switch off this policy.

The system not acceptable now for example this: 123456 just this 123456ab

If i try type to secrets this one:123456, the system show the warning window, and not allow the save for the secret 123456.

Do you understand?


I am pretty sure that is FreePBX, not Asterisk. Can you tell us in which configuration file this appears (several files have parameter with this name)? Can you also provide the Asterisk log message when it rejects the configuration file?

If this only appears on a web interface, it is definitely not Asterisk, as Asterisk has no native web interface.

Incidentally, on a system that is capable of making toll charges, weak device secrets or AMI secrets are an extremely bad idea.

Doing a quick Google, it does appear that FreePBX has a weak password detection module Whilst that article may answer your question, please note that this is the wrong forum for FreePBX, and I know no more than Google does. FreePBX’s peer support forum is

Thank you.

My system name:

Asterisk (Ver. 11.16.0), FreePBX

I use this system just for SIP phone test in local network.

I not provide service, just I use for SIP phones testing.

I think this solve my problem:

Thank you.