Passing Caller ID between servers

I have looked high and low to find the solution to this:

I have

Registration server -> Asterisk Derver ->outbound routes

The registration server allows me to set outbound Caller ID on a per extension basis. I am happy with how that works when the trunk is connected directly to the registration server. I can set caller ID and it shows at the destination.

With my asterisk box in the middle however, I want to be able to pass the outbound caller ID from the registration server to the SIP trunk, and can not get it to work.

I have tried set caller ID in dial with various options, as well as some options in sip.conf.

Perhaps I do not have the right combinations ??

Any help urgently needed.


try sendrpid=yes

that does not work, but thanks anyway!

try the ‘o’ flag in Dial()…
also remove fromuser= from sip.conf if it’s there…

do you get no caller id or just the wrong one?