Pass variable to local originate channel


I need to pass some variables to local channel (confdialout) that is doing dial out from the confbridge. I already used the extension to pass ${DIALTOTONUM} variable, but I need some more variables to get passed.

same => n(dialout-start),Originate(Local/${DIALTOTONUM}@confdialout,app,ConfBridge,"${ARG3},${CONFBRIDGE},${CONFUSER},${CONFMENU}",,,a)


With Originate application in Asterisk, you get limited functionality. One way to pass some more variables in originate is to pass them in a single variable and use CUT function to get them back in confdialout context.
Another way that provides more functionality is to create a call file using System application which allows you to set as many variables as you wish.

Hi Satish,

thank you, I’ve seen some cut manipulations with ~ as a separator. Will look in to it.

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