Parked Calls Timeout back to Zap Channel


I have a small call center, and members like to park calls. Unfortunately, they have a bad habit of leaving people parked until timeout. This would not generally be a problem, but when this happens, Asterisk attempts to ring the channel the call is actually on. The Zap channel that’s parked.

Here’s the output from the console…

-- Executing [700@outbound:1] Park("SIP/1023-b401ff00", "") in new stack -- Stopped music on hold on Zap/12-1 == Spawn extension (local, 1100, 6) exited non-zero on 'SIP/1023-b401ff00<ZOMBIE>' == End MixMonitor Recording SIP/1023-006d7630 == Parked Zap/12-1 on 701@parkedcalls. Will timeout back to extension [outbound] s, 1 in 360 seconds -- <Zap/12-1> Playing 'digits/7' (language 'en') -- <Zap/12-1> Playing 'digits/0' (language 'en') -- <Zap/12-1> Playing 'digits/1' (language 'en') -- Added extension '701' priority 1 to parkedcalls -- Started music on hold, class 'default', on Zap/12-1 == Spawn extension (outbound, s, 1) exited KEEPALIVE on 'Zap/12-1' -- Stopped music on hold on Zap/12-1 -- Added extension 'Zap/12' priority 1 to park-dial == Timeout for Zap/12-1 parked on 701. Returning to park-dial,Zap/12,1 -- Executing [Zap/12@park-dial:1] Dial("Zap/12-1", "Zap/12||t") in new stack [Nov 26 17:24:21] WARNING[27845]: app_dial.c:1111 dial_exec_full: Unable to create channel of type 'Zap' (cause 0 - Unknown) == Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/0/1) == Auto fallthrough, channel 'Zap/12-1' status is 'CHANUNAVAIL' -- Hungup 'Zap/12-1'

This is on version 1.4.13

Here is my features.conf

[general] parkext => 700 parkpos => 701-720 context => parkedcalls parkingtime => 360 courtesytone = beep parkedplay = both

Any suggestions on a fix for this?

Sounds like a bug…

Maybe. I don’t know. I would just like get it fixed.