Parallel actions on channels (using AGI)?

Hi all,

I am new to Asterisk and I cannot find any information how one can manipulate the channels individually. What I would like to do (using asteriskjava.fastagi) is to make a queue where a specific announcement is played first, then musicOnHold and answer the call after 120 seconds.

Per channel the following commands would be given:

Incoming channel:

  1. Progress()
  2. Playback(hello-world)
  3. MusicOnHold()
  4. Answer() ;after 120 seconds
  5. MusicOnHold()

Outgoing channel:

  1. Dial(SIP/${nr1},${timeout1},m)
  2. Dial(SIP/${nr2},${timeout2},m)
    x. Dial(SIP/${nrx},${timeoutx},m)

The actions on both legst should be executed in parallel and when the outgoing channel answers, the channels should be connected immediately.

Any suggestions how to realize this would be much appreciated!