PAP2 Dialplan for Asterisk extension

I have configured my PAP2 for extension of asterisk every inbound and outbound calls are fine voice quality is also fine, but with the default dialplan of PAP 2 i am unable to access some of *XX asterisk services from this hardware, however from x-lite each and every service works fine

Some of services which don’t work are
*60, *64, *65 etc.

Can you please suggest me the proper dialplan i can change in my PAP2 and get all the services for this.

My current location is in India.


have you disabled/removed all the vertical service codes in the PAP2 ? on the “regional” page i think.

Each and every settings is default there in PAP2 and in regional page i can see several codes in that section, means it is enabled.

if they conflict with your Asterisk *XX services, that will be why you can’t reach them … the PAP2 got there first !

in my setup, i just removed them all from the PAP2.