Paid asterisk consultant needed now

Job to be done :

i have an asterisk version 11 with centos 7 installed , iam using asterisk to connect mobile phone through bluetooth , and all ok .
now i need someone who has an experience with Database in which asterisk can read and write to ,
my project is to make asterisk calculate the duration of the call send to my phone using bluetooth channel ,where i can set or limit the sum of calls duration per 1 bluetooth channel in 1 day ,for example if i set a limit "60 min " in 1 day per 1 channel , asterisk will calculate time for each call and add it to reach 60 min and then force to hangup call when reachs 60 min , and i need to set 1 min increment as 1 min for example if a call duration is 4:23 it will calculated as 5 min .

if you are interested please contact me @ skype wassimdarwich or by email

You can save all the calls on MYSQL DB and then use NOW() , SUM() & CEILING() functions to calculate the amount of minutes consumed per day and based on that you can continue with your system logic