Outgoing FAX (DAHDI) ring duration

When trying to send a fax, the ring duration seems to be around 20-25 seconds. If a remote fax takes a minute to answer Asterisk will disconnect.

According to the Asterisk book the default for the timeout parameter (parameter 2) is that Dial() will “continue to dial the called channel until someone answers …”, but that doesn’t seem to happen.

We had

exten => _0XXXXXX.,n,Dial(DAHDI/i1/${EXTEN})

Cghanging it to

exten => _0XXXXXX.,n,Dial(DAHDI/i1/${EXTEN,75})

has no noticeable effect

I can’t see anything else that might change this behaviour. Am I missing something obvious?

What is the actual console output on an attempt? It’s possible that one of the sides is terminating things and not Asterisk Dial() itself.