Outgoing CID not settable?

Hello All,

 I recently installed the NerdVittles(tm) version of TrixBox.  In FreePBX, under "Trunks", I entered the following:

“Test” <8451234567>

…in the “Outbound caller ID” field. However, when I place a call from an extension to an external number, I see the Stanaphone number in the CID, not the name and number specified.

Is there a way to specify the CID when calling an external phone number?  What about Caller Name?

I'm trying to receive calls for multiple "departments" on the same external line, and I would like to be able to tell on the external phone if the call is for "sales" or "billing", for example.  If I can't do any of the above, if there another scheme I can use?

Thanks for any help you can provide,


It depends on your provider some will let you set it others wont

Another possibility: I’ve discovered a bug (but haven’t yet tracked it down) with trixbox where setting the CID in the outgoing trunk does not work - the VOIP provider gets a presentation value that says “no name/number present”. But, if I hardcode the CID name/number in the extension or the softphone screens, it works. There’s a thread re this in the trixbox forum…

Do you have the URL for the discussion in the TrixBox forum?


trixbox.org/modules/newbb/vi … 55&forum=5

so far, no comments from anyone :frowning: