Outgoing Calls

I am able to make incoming calls to my Asterisk phones, however, I cannot dial out. The log shows the following information:

[Apr 10 20:27:18] NOTICE[2960] chan_sip.c: Call from ‘6004’ to extension ‘184736658xx’ rejected because extension not found.

The number I am dialing is my cell phone. It should work.

How do I configure the outgoing calls?

Thank you,

Is there a good document on how to customize the calling options?


Does an extension that matches this pattern exist in the correct context of your dialplan? What happens when you typedialplan show 184736658xx@yyyy where yyyy is the relevant context?


I found that I did not enable out going calls when I was having the issues. Since I enabled the out going calls, I was able to dial out.


I am new to asterisk and I am having problems with my outgoing calls as well. I have incoming and voicemail and all that working great but I dont know what you mean by enabling outgoing calls. I wrote my outgoing call rule. Could you explain how you enabled outgoing calls?


I found that each user’s profile has specific a DialPlan. This DialPlan is used for incoming and outgoing calls. Once you make an outgoing call rule, go back into the “DialPlan” rule and enable it. The new Outgoing rules will show in the DialPlan once you make a rule, you just have to enable it there.

Does that help?

I think you are assuming the use of some GUI configuration management tool, but you haven’t identified it. It may have a specific support forum.