Outgoing calls not working, Incoming working fine

I’ve recently installed an asterisk based call recorder in between an ISDN30 and existing commercial PBX.
[telco BT ISDN30] > [asterisk] > [PBX Samsung 7200]

The problem I’m having is that outgoing calls don’t work at all, when I dial a number from a phone on site I don’t even see any digits being received on the Asterisk server, I simply get:

[code]Nov 27 18:22:51 s000440 asterisk[3120]: VERBOSE[3238]: sig_pri.c:5383 in pri_dchannel: – Accepting overlap call from ‘3207’ to ‘’ on channel 0/1, span 2

Nov 27 18:22:51 s000440 asterisk[3120]: VERBOSE[32431]: sig_pri.c:1902 in pri_ss_thread: – Starting simple switch on ‘DAHDI/i2/3207-3b’

Nov 27 18:22:59 s000440 asterisk[3120]: VERBOSE[32431]: sig_pri.c:1932 in pri_ss_thread: – Going to extension s|1 because of empty extension received on overlap call

Nov 27 18:22:59 s000440 asterisk[3120]: VERBOSE[32431]: chan_dahdi.c:6546 in dahdi_hangup: – Hungup ‘DAHDI/i2/3207-3b’[/code]

Normally, in place of , I would expect to see the numbers I’ve dialled.

The Asterisk server doesn’t do anything special with the dialplan, it simply passes them through, and incoming calls are working fine.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Dahdi 2.6.2
LibPRI 1.4.12
extensions.conf pastebin.com/TiEiuhUr

chan_dahdi.conf pastebin.com/mQ0X02B1

indication.conf pastebin.com/LBvaBMLb


You might try turning off the overlap dialing and increasing the PRI debug output.