Outgoing calls always "forbidden", Incoming calls working fi


some of you might have seen my post on the FreePBX-Forum as well, but I didn’t receive any feedback so far. So hopefully here are some guys able to point me to the solution. :smile:

My situation: On an All-IP accessI try to connect the Asterisk server to the provider network instead of the heavily scissored CPE.

Incoming calls went fine soon, but outgoing calls is a mess. :frowning: When trying to place a call, the answer from the provider proxy in the SIP debug is always 403 Forbidden. As I wasn’t able to extract a more detailed reason from the SIP debug, I’ve started a tcpdump and inspected the packets more detailed. I’ve found two major differences in the packets where I wasn’t able to find a solution with Google. :wink:
I have modified: UserAgent, SDP session owner, SDP session name
But the “working” SIP trace contains some more information in the SIP-Header and I haven’t found the answer how to modify Asterisk this way:

Route: <sip:172.x.y.z;lr> Route URI: sip:172.x.y.z;lr Route Host Part: 172.x.y.z Route URI parameter: lr
And a Contact URI paramter:

Contact: <sip:2xxx3xxxxxx@10.10.x.x;uniq=42127CCE7A7A466621DAE696E2365> Contact URI: sip:2xxx3xxxxxx@10.10.x.x;uniq=42127CCE7A7A466621DAE696E2365 Contact URI User Part: 2xxx3xxxxxx Contact URI Host Part: 10.10.x.x Contact URI parameter: uniq=42127CCE7A7A466621DAE696E2365

Any help is welcom! :smiley: If you need the whole SIP-capture, please tell me as well

You would need to modify the source code to add that.

Hi Joshua,

thansk for your reply.
Modifying source code sounds bad - at least for me. :frowning: My knowlege is more detailed from a routing and switching perspective…

Do you think I am right one or both of the shown details lead to the 403-Error? Will there be a slight chance this might ever be included in Asterisk?


Whether it leads to a 403 is an implementation detail of the remote SIP server. I can’t say whether it would or wouldn’t. As for a chance of being included, if done in a sane generic fashion yes.