Outbound MWI Subscription problem


I was trying to make the new Outbound MWI Subscription feature work and have so far not been able to. My Asterisk server sends the SUBSCRIBE message and my VoIP provider returns with a 403 Forbidden message. But instead of responding with the authentication, my Asterisk server retransmits the original message six times.

Here’s a trace: pastebin.ca/1881202

I noticed when my Asterisk box attempts to register, the from header looks like this:
From: sip:123456_mango@montreal.voip.ms;tag=…
but, when my Asterisk box attempts to subscribe, the header looks like this:
From: sip:123456_mango@MY_IP_ADDRESS;tag=…

Not sure if this is significant or a red herring.

Nothing is behind NAT.

Thanks if anyone can help,

I tried setting up an account at VoIP.ms that authenticated by static IP. This time, VoIP.ms responded with OK and I saw a SIP message that stated how many messages were waiting. But, my Asterisk ignored it and continued to retransmit six times.

I set fromdomain to montreal.voip.ms but that didn’t change anything.

Neither of these work:
mwi => 123456_mango:password@montreal.voip.ms/12345
mwi => 123456_mango:password@CONTEXT_NAME/12345


Upgrading to did not seem to change anything.

I decided to give this another try today now that I’m using Curiously, I get the same results. If anyone’s done this successfully, I’d appreciate knowing how. Thanks :smiley: