"Originate failed" when try outbound call

I’,m trying to make a call but the response is “Originate successfully queued” if I do in async mode or “Originate failed” in sync mode. How can I solve this?
I’m working with AsterNet and this is the part of code :

Dim test As New Action.OriginateAction

test.Channel = "SIP/100"
test.CallerId = "100 <999000000>"
test.Exten = "999000000"
test.Priority = "1"
test.Context = "from-internal"
test.Timeout = 160000
test.Async = True

Dim originateResponse As ManagerResponse = Nothing
originateResponse = Manager.SendAction(test)

Have you confirmed that SIP/100 is registered and reachable? Does the extension exist?

Yes I can see the extension 100 in the IPPBX Appliance and its state is “waiting” and type is “SIP”

Sorry I’m newbie with this.

I’m not really sure what that means within the context of Asterisk. We don’t use the term “waiting”.

It’s the state in the web page of the GrandStream server (IPPBX Appliance). We use a GrandStream server to connect the IP phones.

As I don’t really know how they have things configured I can’t really comment except in a general sense, which is to confirm in Asterisk my original questions. A “sip show peers” in the Asterisk CLI would show whether SIP/100 is reachable, and console output may provide some insight into why the originate failed.

I’m lost. What does the message “Originate failed” mean?
If I change the value of Channel it gives me an error “Extension does not exist” so I guess it will not be an extension problem.

It means that the attempt to originate the call failed, you have to dig deeper in order to understand why.