Originate Action , determinate hangup side

How can I find out how is making the hangup ? I need to know if is possible using the application OriginateAction to find out how is closing first the call.

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George Sand

You do it in the dialplan that originate runs, rather than in originate itself. How are you making the B side call?

The logic is like this , I have an incoming call, i put that call in a wait or play a music , then i make an originat call to a sip extension and the I bridge the two calls together.

Using the dialplan in the composition of the originate action do I have to add a paramater value ? or ? can I get a detailed example ?

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George Sand

It sounds like you are over-engineering.

From the dialplan you find out if the B side cleared first by using g on Dial and seeing if the next priority is executed. You can obviously also do it using AMI.

using the g parametrs works fine on the Dial via AMI.
But I also checked the app_originate.c but I cannot identifi if is possible to add that g parameter to the OriginateAction, that would be great.

You add it to the Dial that is in the extension that is invoked. If you are using the application variant, you will need to convert to the dialplan variant.

However, if you are using AMI, you have the events, and it is probably easier to monitor those.

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thank you for the info