Opensips and Asterisk


How can i do to configure an load balancing with two server asterisk ?


You can have 3 asterisks - the first to receive the call and then to route the call to the two other asterisks in an alternate fashion - i.e. asterisk IS the B2BUA or proxy.

openSER, which is now called kamilio is used a lot for this type of task. There is an excellent book from Packt Publishing on openSER.

There’s also quite a bit of info on how to do this on various websites - i.e.
Never used openSIPS.

Depending on the number of calls and concurrent calls, I’d just use asterisk everywhere if you’re not dealing with 1000s of concurrent calls.

I disagree. If you want to do things the ‘right’ way, you should pursue your original idea of using Kamailio (OpenSER). I believe strongly that if you put the correct pieces in place before you actually need them, you are always better off :smile:

Kamailio does have a bit of a learning curve, but there are some good sample files provided as well as a specific one for the dispatcher module… which you will use to do load balancing between multiple asterisk machines.

thanks for your help guys :wink: