OOH323 issues

I am using asterisk 1.4.9 with addon 1.4
I can make call from openphone to asterisk extension,but when I make call from asterisk extension to openphone, I saw these in the H323 log

22:41:49:060 Created new logical channel entry (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
22:41:49:060 ERROR: UserInfo encoding failed:
22:41:49:060 Error:Failed to encode uuie. (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
22:41:49:060 Error:Failed to encode H225 message. (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
22:41:49:060 Error:Failed to enqueue SETUP message to outbound queue. (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
22:42:04:048 Warn:RemoteEndpoint closed connection (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)
22:42:04:048 Cleaning Call (outgoing, ooh323c_o_1)- reason:OO_REASON_TRANSPORTFAILURE

When I was checking the openH323 code, I cannot find the defination of
which is under ooq931.c

Can anyone help to find out the defination or have any ideal to fix this thing?