Online sending CDR to given IP and Port

Is it possible to configure Asterisk to online send CDR to given IP and Port, which billing system is listening there?

Tran Hong Quang

You can use a Linux tool(PHP,Bahs,Perl etc) to send the sql dump or the csv file to your server.

I prefer sending out CDR one by one right after the call finish, and this is IP-based sending, not file transfer.

Is there any exist tool to do that? for example, PHP script that periodically scan csv file to find newly added CDR and send it via IP is OK for me.

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Tran Hong Quang

Again, you can do it with your preffered tool running as AGI file, and this agi must be trigger when the call hangup so in th “h” exten and taking your prefferred CDR variables as arguments.

If you are looking for a billing system have you looked at A2billing? This can takes feeds from multiple Asterisk systems.

Why don’t you use a database to store the CDR’s? That way Asterisk can send CDR’s to any server you want.