One way audio issue

Hi all, I use cordless and android app for connect phone to my business.

I can register peers from external to business pbx but phone within lan business can’t hear external phone. External phone can hear me.
Can you help me please?
From my firewall i’ve set

UDP (all_source_ip / all_source_port / destination_wan_address / 5060) redirect to ip_pbx:5060 (sip port)
UDP (all_source_ip / all_source_port / destination_wan_address / 10.000 - 20.000) redirect to ip_pbx:10.000-20.000)

UDP (all_source_ip / all_source_port / ip_pbx / 5060) allow
UDP (all_source_ip / all_source_port / ip_pbx / 10.000 - 20.000) allow

Thanks in advance

How have you told Asterisk about its public address?

Hi David thanks for your reply.
You mean the “externip” field in /etc/asterisk/sip.conf?

Yes. That’s what I mean.

in externip i’ve set the new public ip

My phisical network is

 (public ip interface)ADSL( -- ( lan)

there is a dmz from adsl to firewall

Have you also configured the localnet option?


now i’ve added

Solved with
Can you explain me why?
Thanks all