One step parking does not announce slot anymore

I had one step parking set up and working for some time, but now using Asterisk 16.12.0 when I park a call using the DTMF sequence defined in features.conf the other end gets parked correctly, but I do not get the announcement of the parking slot number anymore. Instead all I hear on my end is silence and the call continues indefinately until I hang up my end. Retrieving the parked call by dialing the (guessed) parking slot extension also works as expected.

I double checked all relevant configuration files (res_parking.conf, features.conf, extensions.conf), read the Asterisk 16 documentation on the wiki, but I don’t see why it would not be working anymore.

When I dial the parking extension (700) however, I do hear the announcement of the parking slot before parking myself, but that is not of much use.

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An issue was filed[1] and the fix will be in the next releases.



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