One Extension w SPA1001 one way calling, all others OK

I have a brand new Asterisk installation running 1.4 w freepbx. I did this via Asterisk Now!

I’m running two trunks and Bria on My Iphone and ipad w a few Xlite for Windows as well.

All of the extensions can talk to each other and call in and out with perfect two way voice. It even works outside my network via NAT!!!

I have added a single SPA 1001 adapter to attach to a cordless phone. This is all running off a single router. My Asterisk is at and my SPA 1001 is at

I have factory reset it.

Set proxy to (NOT my external DYNDNS address)
Userid to ext#
password set to password

RTP ports to 10001 - 20000 (this matches my Asterisk settings and my router’s port forwarding).

I get one way calling when I use an outbound trunk. My SPA 10001 transmits but does not receive voice or dialtone. When I call extension to extension inside and outside the home network it works great!!

Since this is running off an internal network, I don’t think anything related to NAT should be required.

What am I doing wrong that would cause this behaviour?


What I thought was just a problem with my SPA 1001 is getting more interesting:

  1. Incoming calls via my local trunk (using a provider called 3 web) - Works great both in and out

  2. Outgoing Long distance calls via VOIP.MS - Works great in both directions

  3. Outgoing local calls via 3web - FAIL, Problem appears to be that no RTP packets are being received back in this mode.

So could it be a trunk setting then?


It was a trunk problem.

I added Qualify=yes

and things started working in both directions!! YAY having two trunks to compare against!