Odd behavior of pattern matching

In my dialplan I use extension like:
exten => _89XXXXXXXXX,1,NoOp()
As I understand it matches all the numbers that begin with 89 plus nine digits from 0 to 9. But when I dial 8-9111111111 or 8-911-111-11-11 or 8-----------9111111111 it also matches to that pattern. Whith some other special characters (?,&) it doesn’t match. Can anyone explain this behavior?

Hyphen, and possibly some other characters, are ignored in pattern matches.

Check this Pattern Matching
The dash (-) character is ignored in extensions and patterns except when it is used in a pattern to specify a range in a character set. It has no effect in matching or sorting extensions.

–Satish Barot

Oh, thx to all. Missed that statement in wiki.