ODBC installation issue


I have compiled Asterisk 11.5.0 from source on Ubuntu 13.10 (64-bit) and followed all the steps outlined in http://asteriskdocs.org/en/3rd_Edition/asterisk-book-html-chunk/installing_configuring_odbc.html

However, I keep getting the following error.

module load res_odbc.so Unable to load module res_odbc.so Command 'module load res_odbc.so' failed. [Aug 2 11:48:09] WARNING[8355]: loader.c:824 inspect_module: Module 'res_odbc.so' was not compiled with the same compile-time options as this version of Asterisk. [Aug 2 11:48:09] WARNING[8355]: loader.c:825 inspect_module: Module 'res_odbc.so' will not be initialized as it may cause instability. [Aug 2 11:48:09] WARNING[8355]: loader.c:915 load_resource: Module 'res_odbc.so' could not be loaded.

Can anyone shed some light on things I might try to get the ODBC connection working ?